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Raleigh’s Most Inspiring Stories

The heart of our mission is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our communities. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some incredible artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with the incredible group below. Check out our favorite stories from across the Voyage family.

Carter Hodge and Maddie Fisher

Maddie and Carter met at UNC-Chapel Hill where they both attended and studied music. Maddie was described as having a powerhouse voice, “sort of prodigy-esque.” They started playing music as Dissimilar South with some friends and didn’t look back. Though dear friends have rotated in and out of the group, Maddie and Carter remained at the core, playing the folk music of their childhoods with an indie-rock sensibility. The band put out their first EP “Treehouse” in 2019, which was described as “tender, introspective, and fresh.” Like everyone, their 2020 plans vanished, but they got back in the studio as soon as it was safe to record their debut full-length album, with a hotshot cast, including Jason Richmond, Joseph Terrel (Mipso), Joe McPhail, Joe Westerlund, and Alex Bingham. The project reaches new heights creatively for the duo and promises a fresh collection of emotionally honest songs brought to life by expert production and talented musicians. Carter and Maddie are thrilled and grateful to be releasing this album fall of 2021. Read more>>

Argentina Harris

I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 1997. I started out working in commercial salons and I have since worked in a variety of settings in the beauty industry, including as a mobile stylist. Early on in my career, I began to see a growing number of women sit in my styling chair who were faced with hair loss. Around 2006, I started creating custom wigs and selling them to my salon clients as an option to dealing with hair loss. In 2019, I created what is now known as the 60 seconds Clip N Go Hair Topper as a way to deal with my own hair thinning issue. Soon people had filled my inbox with requests for the hair topper. It wasn’t long before women were wearing the 60 seconds Clip N Go Hair Topper and sharing their praise and gratitude for the experience of their new unit. Early 2020, I decided to get serious about offering the hair units on a larger scale in an effort to reach as many women as possible, hence the name, The 60 seconds Clip N Go Hair Topper. Women with permanent hair loss have limited options when it comes to hair replacement and I wanted to be a solution for a problem that will continue to plague our aging community. Read more>>

Stephanie Jones

I am originally from Virginia and was cooking and baking for my family long before I moved to North Carolina. After 10 years of living here, I worked for a restaurant where I supervised 150 people. I started bringing sweet treats to them to sample. Pretty soon after that, I started the only ordering system. Not too long after we had a storefront in Downtown Raleigh. We decided to close the storefront because we wanted to get more involved with event planning and seeing the smiles of our creation. Covid has definitely slowed down the event planning side but we still enjoy seeing happy faces when we make our sweet treat deliveries. Read more>>

Brandon Schenck

My wife Stephanie and I have been in the service industry most of our lives. We both share a passion for craft beer, wine, and making folks happy. We always wanted to open a craft beer bar that would serve as a vehicle for us to make a positive impact on our community and allow us to help those in need. In September of 2018, we opened Yacht Club Beverage House in an old house in Downtown Youngsville, NC. Read more>>

Deborah Ulmer

My passion for cooking and baking started as a child with being in the kitchen with my grandmothers, aunts, father and attending community center offered classes. Once I made my own sugar cookies from scratch in my easy bake oven it took off from there. Early in high school, I decided that I loved baking so much that I wanted it as a career and own my own bakery. I created the initial form of Dee’s Kitchen in my 12th-grade entrepreneurship class and made baked goods from the orders I got in school. Then I went to and graduated from Johnson and Wales University getting an AAS degree in Baking and Pastry Arts with honors. Afterwards, I worked as a baker/pastry chef at various types of food companies. In 2008, I took the plunge to make Dee’s Kitchen a certified business. Seven years ago, I attended a plant-based lifestyle retreat and became vegan. Read more>>

Danielle Still

I’ve always been a visionary ever since I was a child. My sister and I developed the Teddy Bear Club when we were just elementary-aged. All the other neighborhood girls would come and participate in our curriculum from talent shows to bake sales to game nights. Fast forward to adulthood and I never stopped dreaming. But my careers as a commissioned logistics officer in the Air Force and an operations manager in the pharmaceutical industry taught me the value of execution. Everyone dreams, but the difference makers are those who can make dreams come to life.I consider myself a multi-preneur because I have my hands in so many endeavors. My longest-standing entrepreneurial endeavor is Studio Motif Durham which is a multi-purpose commercial property outside of downtown Durham. In the front of the property is a salon that I rent out to some amazing beauty professionals. In the back of the property, I’ve turned an old shed into a chic venue space that can be rented for anything from baby showers to birthday parties to corporate events. We also have several recurring events that we host. My goal is to not busy, but to be productive and to not just dream, but to execute. Read more>>

Anna Simeonides

We are a gluten-free, allergy-oriented bakery with vegan, keto, and paleo options. To Your Health has been a long, evolving process over the years. It all goes back to when I was 8 years old and my little brother was born. He instantly captured my heart and became my entire world. I was devastated when we discovered his many health issues along with a plethora of food allergies. Much is beyond our control, but with ample prayer for his health, I decided to take charge of something I could manage and appointed myself his personal chef. Words cannot describe the amount of knowledge I gained from cooking and baking for a child who is allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, meat, corn, soy, nuts, yeast, and half of all fruits and vegetables. The journey has been lengthy and arduous and there are still rough patches, but it is with grateful and full hearts that we thank God for his health today. Read more>>

Katherine Andrew

I grew up in Florida with a backyard that I still dream of… palm trees, flowers, and fresh mint overflowing in every crevice, and best of all, tangerine, lime, orange, and grapefruit trees drooping with fruit. This early taste of nature’s bounty paired with a mother who enjoyed cooking from around the world, and I learned early to discover new flavors and celebrate food. Much later, my childhood food follies spilled into a semester abroad in Italy, where I indulged my senses even more. Thus a passion for good food became a theme in life. I always loved science and have been fascinated, in particular by the human brain. I studied Neuroscience in college and still love merging the worlds of science and psychology. Nutrition seemed like a beautiful collision of all of this. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and later attended the Gillings School of Global Public Health at UNC-CH, where I received my master’s degree and became an RD. I began my nutrition career with nearly eight years at the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, working to ensure all community members have access to real, fresh food. Read more>>

Lindsay Mumma, DC

I found incredible relief in chiropractic care from unrelenting back pain when I was a teenage athlete. I decided I would become a chiropractor myself to help other athletes who had similar struggles. After graduating from chiropractic college, I started my practice; I knew I wanted to work for myself, and I planned to work with an athletic patient population. I attended races, sporting competitions, and events, and connected with gym owners to begin making connections. I enmeshed myself in the sports world for about nine months. Then my husband and I decided that we’d like to start a family. As we began to talk about getting pregnant and I did my best to prepare for it, I realized how very little I knew about pregnancy in general. I’d already treated pregnant patients and had some basic education surrounding prenatal care when I got my doctorate, but I still felt ill-prepared to take on the task myself; especially because I planned to continue my athletic endeavors. Read more>>

Molly Twigg

Being a mom of two small kids at the time and a military spouse made having a traditional job difficult. So I took a tiny jump into a small booth in Huntsville, AL painting furniture. I was hooked immediately. I started teaching painting classes and sold a furniture paint brand. I completely dug in and loved it. Sadly, we had to move and I didn’t see quite what I wanted as a vendor. So, I decided to take the big jump and open my own store. Read more>>

Melanie Bryan

I have been into portrait photography for as long as I can remember and I’ve also always been very passionate about live music. After seeing my favorite band in concert, I decided to try out concert photography. I instantly fell in love and have never looked back. I started by sharing what portfolio I did have with that band, and they ended up supplying me with my first photo pass. Since then, I’ve built up a strong music portfolio through a mix of local bands and national acts. Read more>>

Erin Maynard

I have always been someone who loves and appreciates art. I remember as a little girl, coloring anytime I could. As a young adult straight out of high school, I continued that passion as I picked up a camera. I would take photos of anything I saw inspiring and held importance to me. I began to travel the world as a missionary and I would document my adventures along the way. I stayed with tribes in Panama and spent time on the beach in Costa Rica. It was an amazing opportunity for me to see beauty and art, where most people would see misfortune. Fast forward to after I was married and had my son, I started taking photos of him. That led to others asking me to take photos of them, which led to a business. I decided to take a night class so I could learn the basics of photography and know as much information as possible about my hobby turned side business. I started shooting weddings in 2016 and I was shortly able to quit my job and transition into a full-time wedding photographer. Read more>>

Von Robinson

I was online one day buying an outfit from a company but it was not what I really wanted or what imagined in my head. So that’s when I stop the purchase and that is when God gave me the vision. I said I am going to open a store that caters to women with all types of personalities, body types, styles, and etc. I honestly became bored of looking at the same thing over and overfitting the same type of build of a woman. When in reality we are not this way in our everyday routines. So I wanted to have an online business where you could feel good about the clothing and the quality of it. You can actually see yourself as the model wearing it. I wanted women to feel strong I wanted us to feel empowered again and feel great about our bodies even if it’s not society’s standards. Who are we to judge someone else or to say what someone else should look like! I came up with the name because it is really personal for me so E stands for Edna who is my grandmother who passed away in 2014 one of the strongest women I knew. Read more>>

Don Ricardo Massenburg

I started out working in upholstery. I made headboards, cushions, pillows, and other fabric furniture pieces and sold them. Those upholstery jobs opened the door for small home decorating opportunities. Once I realized that I had a gift and talent for design, I started taking interior design courses and created a platform for my business. Read more>>

Ramon Vega

I started my career in the fitness industry in 2014. I got hired at a local corporate gym as a personal trainer. Throughout the years, I worked my way up the ranks and made a name for myself locally. In 2017, Cristina also became a certified personal trainer. In 2018, we decided to take a leap of faith and both of us left our corporate gyms. We both felt like we had more to give and were tired of the restrictions our jobs had. We teamed up and decided to become self-employed personal trainers. During this time, we were able to expand our services and not just offer personal training but Cristina offered Boot Camps for Women and I was able to do performance development training for soccer players of all ages. In 2020, when the fitness industry was taking a big hit due to Covid-19 we took another leap of faith. At the end of the year, we decided to continue to grow our services and opened a Strength & Conditioning gym. Powerhouse is now where our members can come in and enjoy a good workout in a gym full of positive energy. Read more>>

Edie Johnson

I have moved 14 times in the last 32 years with my husband’s company. This journey has given me the opportunity to work with many real estate agents on both the selling and buying sides of the transaction. I had always felt like buying/selling a home is the most stressful and vulnerable time through the process of moving. A real estate agent should always be able to listen and understand what is best for your family and guide you through the process. I have had great real estate agents and I have had the worst of the worst. My last move was to Raleigh, NC. I decided with the nudging of my family that I could be that agent that listens to her clients and helped them through their home journey. My purpose is to listen to their needs, help guide them through the process, and above all make sure the process is all about them. Read more>>

Dana Kadwell and Courtney Hopper

Our story/business journey started in a way that many have before us – we saw a hole in the market and thought we could fill it! We were planning Dana’s wedding in 2005 and had a really hard time finding a venue that fit her, 200 people, guest count that wasn’t a hotel ballroom, country club, or a tent in a backyard! After lots of striking out and eventually settling for a country club, we set about planning her wedding! One day, during the planning process, we were having coffee at a Bear Rock Cafe and we were talking about the venue she chose and what we liked and didn’t like about it and the conversation turned to what our ideal venue would look like. We sketched out a floorplan on a napkin and discussed what would be “amazing” and what we would get rid of to create what we thought would be the perfect venue! I looked at Dana and said – “You know what would be fun?? Opening a venue like this!” We discussed a little further and decided that we needed to do a little market research and gather opinions beyond our own before embarking on our venue journey and the way to do this was to become wedding planners! Thus began C and D Events!. Read more>>

Danyail Perry

I was working at a gas station actually for 4 years and one of those years I started my own little business called Stylez For You. I sell clothes for women, men, children, and accessories as well. So I gave been doing this for about 2 years now, Due to Covid-19, I went and legalized my business being that I had to stay home with my son who now had to go to school online. So I redid my website and now I work full-time for myself, While in the process I would host pop-up shops for other small businesses Because I know how hard it is to start a business by yourself and get your name out there. So I thought that this would be fun to meet people as well as grow my own business. As a child, I always wanted to help people but I just didn’t know-how. So starting my business and doing pop-up shops for others and creating a group where other small businesses can post their events as well allowed me to help other people. Which made me want to jump a little further, so I did. This year, I started my own organization called One Sister To Another Foundation. I am having my very first event on October 30, with my organization. It’s a breast cancer celebration fundraiser. Read more>>

Kimberly Cordray

I started with being an entrepreneur out of necessity. My much-beloved cat, Mouchoir, french for “tissue,” was diagnosed with a tumor on her thyroid in early 2018. I was told that if I didn’t get radiation treatment for her that she would die within the year. At the time, I was working for INDY Week Newspaper and had VERY little extra money. My cat is the kind of cat who snuggles in my arms with her head next to mine on the pillow every single night. Needless to say, she and I have an incredibly special bond. And so when I got that terrible news, I just sat down with myself and asked myself: how can I make $2500 fast? Upon my reflections, I just started selling whatever I could: art, vintage clothes, antique furniture that I didn’t need. I had no idea that I would fall in love with being a part of the vintage community or that people would actually be interested in buying my art without having any established base here in the Triangle. I had just moved here from Portland, OR, just a few months prior, where I had been mostly supporting myself via art. Read more>>

Racquel Merritt and Donald Norwood

Light-Work Resources was started by social work, the life-partner team, Racquel Merritt, and Donald Norwood. Through individual spiritual journeys, the two sought and discovered the secret to peace and happiness, Love. By finding love for themselves, they were able to extend that love to each other and to each soul they encountered moving forward. Their journeys led them to a partnership, publishing “A Journey to Spiritual Health”, a self-help guide to managing stress and finding peace. Spreading love or “Light Work” became their mission and Light-Work Resources Holistic Health Center was born. Join us on our journeys to be real, to be vulnerable, to be loved, and to be free. Read more>>

Al Rivers

I grew up in a small southern town in Eastern NC, and always dreamed of being outstanding at what I do. At the beginning of my career, I worked for the phone company as a lineman and ultimately as the Line Crew Foreman at a very early age. I enjoyed my job at the phone company but came to understand unless I am willing to relocate I am in an absolutely dead-end situation. From there I went to work at the local pickle plant as a trainee and ultimately became the Personnel Manager which ultimately lead me to my corporate calling. Heinz offered to promote me and send me top Muscatine Iowa. From there, I found that opportunity to make my mark in the field of Labor Relations at the H.J. Heinz Company gave me my first real opportunity to do what I truly loved and that is interfacing with and helping people. I also found that I was very good on my feet in front of large numbers of people. Along the way, I got transferred to Pittsburgh and my wife just didn’t like the larger city, nor did she like the climate (snowing when we arrived) in December 1977. We were expecting our only child when we arrived, so we were fortunate to be located in a city with wonderful DRS and hospital facilities for the delivery of new babies. Read more>>

Mike Cline

We started Carolina Crust in 2019 to fulfill our lifelong passion for food and pizza. Our goal was to have a mobile eatery that wasn’t a traditional food truck, so we got to design our vision. The end goal was a fully customized 1976 International Harvester truck outfitted with a wood-fired pizza oven, four beer taps, prep areas, and more. In essence, we are a rolling party machine that offers top-notch cuisine. Our focus is Neapolitan pizza, handcrafted from 00 flour and the best San Marzano sauce you can find in the area. Plus, we do our best to stay local as far as ingredients and things are concerned. We’ve enjoyed every step of the ride and look forward to all the events we cater to from birthday parties to corporate gigs to weddings!. Read more>>

Susan Parrish

As a child, I dreamed of becoming an artist. Winning first prize in an art contest cemented that dream. After high school, I studied art and design, first at Florida State University then at Auburn University, graduating with a BFA in art and design. Soon after I moved to Raleigh and worked in graphic design for about 5 years. During this time, I was continuously taking classes and creating wheel-thrown pottery – bowls, mugs, platters, teapots, etc. Working with clay was a life changer and I fell in love with this medium. After a few years, I began to sell in area craft and art shows and rapidly expanded outside our area, included whole selling my work to art and craft galleries. After working full-time for 20 years functional pottery, I began feeling burnout and yearned for a change, About this time, I moved my studio to Artspace in downtown Raleigh. With this exciting change and being around other artists, I began to make sculptural ceramic work that was published in papers, national magazines, and books. Twelve years ago, I began a new and very different era for my work. Read more>>

Supriya Jaya Bores

Born and raised in the Sunshine State, I have always had a great appreciation for all things light, fun, and wildly entertaining. From an early age, I have always craved the center of attention and I decided to seek out creative outlets to satisfy that spotlight search. I graduated from Florida Southern college in 2018 (a whole semester early because I was ready to get out of there) with a BFA in Musical Theatre. I moved to Raleigh, NC about a week after graduation with my boyfriend. His family lives here in Raleigh so the adjustment of not knowing anyone in a new city wasn’t terrible. I started working at a gym as a front desk staff while looking for acting work. I was working the morning shift, so that means waking up at 3 am to get to the gym at 4 am and work until noon. I found my first paid acting job within the first month of moving here. I was honored to be cast in “The Wolves.” at Sonorous Road Theatre. However, this meant I was multitasking waking up at 3 am, working until noon, sleeping until 4 pm and attending rehearsal from 5 pm-10 pm. Repeat this for a month. I was exhausted but determined to make a little name for myself here in Raleigh. Read more>>

Aasha Holland

I started my career in the property management industry dealing with multiple clients, owner, and vendor relationships. I’ve excelled in the customer service and sales industry for over 10 years. I started in real estate sales in 2015, and I’ve been on a roll ever since doubling my numbers each year. This year February of 2021, I started my own property management company, Fabulous 1st Property Management. I’ve also run and operated my online clothing boutique for over 5 years. I’ve worked extremely hard over the years growing my businesses and I’m so happy to see the progress in the making. I’m originally from Atlanta, Ga, but this southern girl has grown to love the beautiful scenic North Carolina and all it has to offer. Similar to back home, I enjoy the southern hospitality North Carolina gives and the people I met that become just like family. All the people I’ve worked with over the years have become very dear and special to my heart and they are the absolute reason I am where I am today. Read more>>

Finian St Omer

In 1990, at the age of 13 in Hunts Point Avenue in the South Bronx, I had the aspiration of becoming a DJ. My cousin Natlee and I used to battle each other just about every day. After my sister saw how much I was into DJ’ing, she invited her friend, DJ Jazzy Joyce, over to the house and she taught my cousin and I how to blend. But shortly after my life as a DJ was short-lived because I started to realize how expensive it is to be a DJ. So during the summer one of my friends by the name of Fred Black got me into rapping. Since being an emcee didn’t require buying a whole bunch of expensive equipment and records, it was the best option for me at the time. The funny thing is I never aspired to become an emcee before that moment. But once I started writing, I never stopped! As I entered high school later that year, I battled just about everyone that said they were a rapper and I sharpened my skills every day. But what made me want to take my career seriously was seeing another neighborhood friend of mine, Mic Smooth, who had a single pressed-on vinyl and was sold at the local record store, Flip Side Records. I heard people playing his music every day in my neighborhood and that made me want to do more. Read more>>

Jason Dalton

I was actually a Biology/Pre-Med major in college but real estate found me around the age of 19. I worked at a gym in college and became friends with a woman that sold real estate and I loved the flexibility of her schedule, the client relationships, the networking she was constantly doing. So I enrolled and got my license at age 21, saved enough money to survive three to four months, and took the leap of faith to move to Raleigh, NC. I joined the highest producing team in Raleigh, worked there for five years then moved to another team until I went on my own in 2014. It’s the best thing I ever did, it was time… I wanted to do things the Jason way and provide the level of service that I wanted my clients to have. I love goals so I tried to double my volume each year. 2020 was a wild year but it gave me time to sit still and decide what I wanted, I made a plan and executed it. I again doubled my volume and in December 2020 brought on my first agent and hired a full-time client care coordinator. Then brought on a second agent in January 2021. As of September of 2021, we have $26,000,000 closed/under contract already. It’s been a tremendous experience, I feel so fortunate to be supported by amazing humans. I’ve known both of my agents between 13 and 15 years… they are like family!. Read more>>

Shooter Trav

I first got into cameras when I went to NCAT. I majored in Broadcast Production. After I graduated, I applied for a bunch of media jobs (never heard back from any of them), lol. So, I decided to start my own production company called ‘Carney Boy Production.’ I shot my first two music videos with my younger cousin who rapped at the time with my iPhone 4 which shot 720p. After putting those videos out I ended up getting paid $75 to shoot a music video, which I shot with my iPhone. I didn’t have the money initially to purchase a camera so I used what I had. That 720p was like having 4k today. I was able to save some money up and bought my first camera, a Canon T2i. Once I got that I was In the ball game. I started getting booked for video gigs regularly after that. I would film at the local clubs, film at events, football games, whoever needed a camera I was there recording. Read more>>

Jenn Cole

Originally from Ohio, I moved to North Carolina to go to college at Elon. After graduating with a degree in Sports Medicine I went to UNCCH to get my nursing degree. My first day of clinics at Duke was September 11th, 2001. That day changed my path and I ended up working as a manager in restaurants which I loved. After my first child was born I wanted to do something that used my same skill set of problem-solving, communicating with different teams to make the customer experience great, and interacting will all different types of people. I felt like real estate was going to be a great fit with fewer late nights so I could spend more time with my family. In 2008, I got my real estate license and the market crashed all in the same week. Looking back this was the best time to learn because I didn’t know any differently and had to work hard for my clients to help them be able to sell their homes with standing out against so many other homes for sale. I was working for a large local brand at the time and learned so much. Read more>>

Marquita Sutton

At the tender age of 8, I was given a vision and a desire to build a business and make it different. I know a lot of people say that’s an early age to say you had a vision or a desire but I’ve always been ahead of my time even as a child. As time went on and I developed and discovered my own craft of being a vocalist and learning more about the business, the desire grow more intense. So as time went on we fast forward the story and we stop at 2018 when it all started to manifest. 2018 was not one of the brightest years of my life probably one of the darkest. In the midst of that space versatile management/versatile music group was birthed. Not in a million years would I have thought that being in a dark space would have developed one of my greatest heart’s desires of being a business owner, as well as a dependent music label owner. In September 2018, I started working at a marketing firm where I met my first client, the up-and-coming artist out of North Carolina, VINEICE!!!! The both of us were in a rough patch in our lives and we took this opportunity and allowed our downtrends to develop what we were both passionate about. One day, Vineice and I were in the office and she said to me, “hey Marquita take a listen to this song that I wrote and tell me what you think.” Read more>>

Sydney Abbotth

I grew up in Reidsville, NC and all I knew was red dirt and farm life. Many of my childhood friends were either pregnant or dead. Seeing this, I worked my butt off to make it into Spelman College in Atlanta, Ga. It was my temporary escape. Post-graduation, the promises of instant success fell short. Out of work for 2 years, I made money, however, I could. I was interested in fashion, so I emailed a known stylist in NY spontaneously and was eventually offered an internship. Life started to look up. I styled FloRida, Tank, and worked on a few commercial ads. Life was great until I found out that I was pregnant. Stressed about how this would change the trajectory of my life drove me crazy. Eventually, I reluctantly decided to move back to Reidsville, NC. As if that wasn’t enough to send me into the sunken place, I had a miscarriage shortly after. As you can imagine a downward spiral loomed, but I bounced back. I moved to Charlotte, NC, and picked up a part-time job at a diner, the mall, and worked clubs as a bottle girl at night. I went home to an empty apartment every night and slept on a pile of clothes until I had enough money to get a mattress and a sofa. As time progressed I was offered a job as a leasing agent. Never in a million years did I imagine this would be the door to all of the blessings that would follow. Read more>>

Chandler Couillard

I started modeling in July 2020 after losing my job. My dad had modeled briefly in his youth, and many people in my life suggested I give it a try – losing my job gave me the push I needed. Suddenly I had a lot of free time, and desperately needed a creative outlet, so I started an Instagram page and began networking. One of the first photographers I had the pleasure of working with was Michael Betzner (who has since become one of my best friends, and a creative mentor). I owe so much of who I am as a model to his belief in me. I have made some wonderful friends in the local (and nationwide!), creative community, all of whom I am so thankful for. I would not be where I am today without the help of so many – my partner, all of the people I have had the honor to work alongside (photographers, makeup artists, stylists, fellow models, etc.). I am hopeful and excited to see where this journey takes me. Read more>>

A.K. Landreth

I started painting in 2009. My friend at the time was throwing out a bin of old art supplies that she never used, and in the spirit of never-waste-a-thing, I took that bin of paints, bushes, old canvas’ and paper – and started painting. Visual art quickly became an outlet for me to process big emotions after some pretty monumental shifts in my life at that point. I was 19 years old and venturing out into the world on my own for the first time. It felt like through painting I was allowed to say with color what I didn’t know how to say with words – or in technical terms, which I wasn’t aware of at the time, abstract expressionism.I would love to say from there the rest is history. But in 2012, I began college for my undergraduate degree in theology. For about 5 years I couldn’t paint at all. I went through a major “imposter syndrome” phase and even picking up a brush felt impossible. Read more>>

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